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Thanks. From the website I learn that "G. Vasta" is Giovanni Vasta. A quick google search led me to

Three Barbera owners pay $2.24M to buy out minority shareholders. (Carol Barbera, apparel manufacturer)

Three principals of the Carlo Barbera family-owned textile business, which produces the Luciano Barbera men's and women's wear collections, have sold their holdings to the three other family principals. Following differences of opinion over the future strategy of the company, Giovanni Vasta and his wife, Esta, and Maria Luisa Barbera have sold their stakes to Carlo Barbera and his two sons, Luciano and Giorgio.
Carlo is chairman of the Barbera firm, Luciano is designer, and Giorgio is president. The sale, which took place this fall, was confirmed by Luciano Barbera last week.
dated January 15, 1990
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