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What are the Details and Qualities of the Perfect OCBD?

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I'm considering having some shirts manufactured. Please describe (all or part) the details of the Perfect Trad OCBD.

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I was in a local retailer this week and did a double take at some beautiful looking OCBDs in the three classic solids (sadly no yellow or ecru) and blue, pink and green uni stripes. They appear to have all of the classic features and are a nice thick cloth. I have never owned a Mercer, but these shirts seemed much more substantial than the Brooks shirts I have bought over the last several years (and they had a pocket). The collars seemed unfused. Interestingly they are made in Japan which I know has a strong interest in Ivy style, but it was a big surprise to me. I was in a hurry but need to go back and get some details on who makes them.
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