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...Red Blazers...I have heard them referred to everything from, strictly for doormen, to tragically unfashionable, to hyper trendy, to downright elegant...I have always liked them, myself, but I will admit to being a bit more of a "fashionista" and bit less into "tradition" than many on this board...but, could one safely call the red blazer the happy middle ground between the two? Casino was on TV yesterday, and Bobbie D looked especially sharp in the Red linen blazer with all black underneath it...I'm not necessarily going for the look of a mobbed up casino boss...but I think it would have looked sharp in any context...any thoughts?

"Did you know you're wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie?"

"Yeah, I do it for the ladies..."

"Oh yeah??? Well do the ladies ever tell you that you look like an optical illusion???"
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