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I got some good advice when I was considering a Kiton suit. The sales person suggested that Kiton really distnguishes itself with its sports jackets...the fabric and colours they use are very sophisticated...more "expressive" than the suits.
I have two Kiton jackets, one in cashmere and one in Super 180. They get a lot of use and show no signs of wear at all. I expect to be wearing them for a long time so the initial high cost is justified in my view.
I don't know what line of work you are in and whether a jacket instead of a suit would appropriate. FWIW, I recently accompanied a client to a meeting at his lawyer's office. (The lawyer is a partner in a major law firm, offices on the top floors of a Toronto skyscraper). I noticed right away that his lawyer was wearing a cashmere Kiton jacket. So if a jacket is appropriate for him, I imagine it would be OK for the rest of us, eh?
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