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Hi, crossposting as I originally put this on the Trad Forum:

I have some Mephisto shoes that I have collected over the years due to some serious plantar fasciitis. They are extremely comfortable. I have more recently become interested in shoe construction and am revisiting some of my older shoes. Mephisto generally says all of their shoes are resolable, but only a few are listed as GYW. This is prominently displayed on those models. Questions on these 2:

Shoe 1: wingtip; it seems to have a welt and has stitches along the top of the sole. But it has none that I can see inside on the insole or the bottom of the shoe. There even seems to be a welt joint. This shoe (Waldo) is not listed under they GYW collection. It does not appear to be a Blake stitch. Any ideas on whether this is all fake welting? And if it's glued how can it be resoled?

Brown Pattern Art Natural material Metal

Brown Wood Textile Beige Helmet

Shoe 2: moccasin; I believe this is a Blake stitch from what I have read online? But there is stitching visible on the bottom of the shoe that I have not seen described.

Tints and shades Gas Wood Eyelash Font

Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Grey Wood

Brown Eyewear Beige Font Tints and shades

Last, both say genuine leather. Does that mean the lowest quality as I associate with belts?

Thanks to all for any insights!
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