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Another question is stationary. I have noticed that depending on the texture and thickness of the paper the ink reacts differently. As I was enjoying my pen at the office today I went about and tested the pen on different grades of paper and saw the ink bled allot in the paper or bled very little. So I was wondering what are some of your recommendations for stationary that are fountain pen friendly.
First, a small gripe - "stationary" means it doesn't move. "Stationery" is what one gets from a stationer.

(The Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta used to have a stationery department, with an elegant sign spelled "Stationary." Unfortunately, it moved. ;))

I prefer 100% cotton paper. Crane is made in the United States and has been since 1801. They make novelty paper out of unbleached cotton denim, which is a pale blue, and from old U.S. Currency (which they also make the paper for), which is pale green.

Cotton paper should absorb the ink cleanly; if it splotches, it could be that you're writing too slow, or the paper is too rough. A blotter is useful as well, particularly if you're left-handed like I am and you drag your hand across what you've just written.
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