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Waterman Fountain Pen & Stationary

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I recently purchased a Waterman Phileas fountain pen. I was always curious about fountain pens and thought this would be a good introduction to them. I don't know if pen collecting is in the future but I am enjoying it so far.

Now I have a couple of questions such as maintenance and care. I am sure there are forum members that may know a thing or two about this and would like some insight. I have checked out the site and find it very informative but still I want to know as much as possible.

Another question is stationary. I have noticed that depending on the texture and thickness of the paper the ink reacts differently. As I was enjoying my pen at the office today I went about and tested the pen on different grades of paper and saw the ink bled allot in the paper or bled very little. So I was wondering what are some of your recommendations for stationary that are fountain pen friendly.

Thank you in advance.
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An important point to maintenance is to prevent ink from sludging things up. If you use the pen often, every month or so rinse it out with tap water until you get almost clear water coming out (draw the water in just like you're loading it with ink, then expel it - repeat a few times). If you use it sporadically, rinse all of the ink out before storing it and leave it empty.
For paper, I think 100% cotton is considered best. Generally any of the better quality stationery papers will work fine. Crane is a good name.
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