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Howdy All,

While waiting (up to two hours now) to secure some Montreal Canadiens tickets I thought I would take this time to see if the world of Trad posters can maybe help me out on two issues.

This month I just picked up my first non-dress watch based on the desire to start playing around with grosgrain bands. On the suggestion of one of the sticked topics I visited Central Watch and placed an order. However I found out they do not ship outside the United States. Does anyone know a dealer that does ship into Canada? I know I probably won't be able to get the selection that I would with Central Watch, but even if I can find a place with the basics that would be ideal.

Recently thanks to the Thrift Exchange thread I was able to secure a Brooks Brothers Red Uni Stripe button down dress shirt. Thanks to the seller by the way. For some reason I have always been drawn to the shirt, however I am having difficulty finding an appropriate match in terms of tie/bow tie for the shirt. Currently in the wardrobe I have a Navy Blazer, a Camel Hair Blazer, a medium Gray Suit and a brown w/reddish hint suit. I'm sure the shirt would work with all four, but now I just have to find a suitable piece of neck ware for the outfit. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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