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My wife made what I think to be a rather astute observation--one that I had made before but put out of mind: WASPs have bad haircuts. Some of them worse than bad. Awful. Horrible. Depending, of course, on how one defines "bad."

I live exactly 25 miles outside of NYC--in an affluent burb where the average house (for sale) is listing around a million. I've already mentioned the really old, almost decrepit cars around these parts, which suggests a not altogether predictable parsimony. Add to that the presence of truly horrible haircuts, and the portrait of a cheap-yet-rich neighborhood becomes hilarious.

The men's haircuts range from the old G.T. "buzz cut" to the something a little more substantial, allowing for something resembling a part on the side. As it grows, it does so unevenly, resembling something Steve Forbes sported on the campaign trail a few years ago. Again, really awful, at least by the "fashionable" standards of the more polished, GQ-reading, BMW-driving crowd.

A lot of my friends still cut their own hair with a pair of clippers (and a mirror) at home. The rest bitch and moan about having to pay over $10 for a basic trim at the local barber. The women--mostly the ones over the age of 70--aren't much better, as their styles range from a frizzy "Marilyn Quayle" pageboy to the Eunice Shriver bob--typically unkept and graying.

Really, really bad haircuts. And we're damned proud of it. Anybody else make this observation?

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