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Virus on STP server ?

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If I am the only one having the problem, maybe it is a weak signal from my browser.
However, every time I go to Sierra Trading Post web site, my screen freezes. Doesn't happen with many other sites that I access, and freezes in a strange way. Usually, when the screen freezes, everything stops, and I shut down the computer and restart to unfreeze.
At STP, the thingy that whirls goes from black and white to rainbow color, and I then have to shut down computer and restart.
The nice people that I talk to there would want to help, but probably could'nt. If others are having the same problem they may want to get it fixed.
Mayabe Andy could pass the word to management, as I'm sure that it is costing them business. If it's just my browser signal, I should be glad that that's all I can find to whine about today. Best regards, Bill
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