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@lightbeard - Thanks for the idea/suggestion! We haven't yet discussed the possibility of doing a virtual (Zoom) Ask Andy event, but we are starting to pull together some topic ideas for Podcast episodes.

Would you want to participate as a guest or guest co-host on one of our Podcast episodes?

If so, reply back here, and I'll ask @SimplyG to contact you directly via PM to discuss some of the things we are contemplating.

Also, if you have seen any other sites do virtual Sartorial events, I'd love to hear who is doing them, and what the overall experience is -- what they are doing in the event.


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@lightbeard. Sounds like an interesting suggestion indeed! As Mike mentioned, I am now gathering co-host candidates and guests for an official Ask Andy podcast, and we have discussed having a call-in section, not the same thing of course but in a similar vein.

So do let us know if you have any ideas, thoughts, or would like to participate!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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