I acquired these lengths of Irish tweed when I visited Robert Landau at Landau's just after it closed.

He told me that he had, in turn, acquired them from Josef Borg--the preeminent Princeton tailor who worked on the costumes for Sunset Boulevard--when Borg closed. He had intended to have them tailored into vests and caps for sale, but "never got around to it". Not to let them go to waste, he and used them as display props. in the store when he wanted to showcase Irish Aran sweaters or the like.

And now I have them to pass along to you!

They're a lovely autumnal plaid.

There are LARGE, and could be put to a variety of uses! They could, obviously, be tailored. But they could also be used as the basis for throws, for bedspreads, made into garment bags for storing your clothing (tweed is nicely breathable!), used as curtains--the possibilities are extensive!

They are, of course, NEW OLD STOCK and so in excellent condition, although the edges of each length will be ragged, as is standard with fabric yardage. And one length has a loose weave on part of the reverse, as shown--again, common.

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LENGTH A: Bracken-brown plaid. 60" x 140". $39.
LENGTH B: Bracken-brown plaid. 60" x 160". $39
NOTE: B has loose weaving at rear in one section.