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Just bought this Barbour Beaufort jacket from STP with 30% off (email coupon) so really a bargain at 161 USD

This is a discontinued model of Beaufort (.

I am a little bit confused of different versions of the waxed Beaufort. I've seen forum discussions of Beaufort vs Classic Beaufort and tried in a shop the Contemporary Beaufort. I have a contemporary slim fit jacket that I cannot wear with a sport coat, that's why I preffered a Beaufort which is a bit longer, although a bit baggy for my taste.

The classic Beaufort I tried was size 40. The Vintage Beaufort I just ordered is Medium, would it fit? Anybody has any idea of differences between the Vintage Beaufort and the Classic one?

(sorry for double post at SF)

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Right for starters both pictures show the same jacket "a vintage Beaufort" The embroidered name on the pocket and the new finish on the cotton tells you it was made in the last 5 or so years. The velvet collar as opposed to the cord collar is also a new detail as is the new tartan.

The vintage beaufort harks way way back to, well, a vintage Beaufort with its Sylkoil finish.
YOUR second link shows a new Sylkoil Beaufort NOT the discontinued Beaufort!!!! ALWAYS look at the tartan!

The discontinued waxy/oily Beauforts with liner poppers (as opposed to zips) and the old green,white,yellow and black tartan went out of production a few years ago.

Use of the word "classic" by Barbour when referring to something new that represents something vintage i.e this: with its new tartan and "new" Sylkoil finish has only led to confusion.

Because most people consider this:

to be the "classic" Beaufort look.

Basically the new "classic" one (my first link) has the brushed Sylkoil finish. which was first used many decades ago then discontinued. And now resurrected
Whereas the old traditional one i.e. the classic look (my second link) has the oily shiny finish.

I only have traditional shiny Barbours. And Scotia still has some in stock. I managed to find an old Bedale there about 5 years ago. And ordered an old Beaufort for a friend just 18 months ago.

Other identifiers apart from the Sylkoil rough brushed cotton feel, the loss of the green,white,yellow and black tartan and the liner zip instead of poppers, are that the external poppers aren't black painted brass anymore. They are solid black..something... so you don't get that nice worn paint on brass effect on the new jackets as you did on the old ones.
And Barbour is embroidered into the cloth in a couple of places.....yeeeuch

IMPORTANT: The Classic Beaufort and Vintage Beaufort seem to be two different names for the same NEW jacket. The only difference I can see is that the vintage you've linked has a velvet collar, while the new "classic" has the standard cord collar.
Also, not to forget that Barbour also produces an Italian designed line for that market, with slim fitting jackets and waxed blazers!!!!

If you want the oily jacket, its just called Beaufort, that's the one in my second link.
A comparision of the pictures of the Classic Bedale (new) and the Bedale (old) gives the best results, as you can really see the flat brushed look of the classic and the shine on the old Bedale. Plus the green colour on the new "classics" is not the classic Barbour green that people know and love. It has a slight mustard tinge. Another thing I've noticed is that the new ones "dry out" differently, they go a kind of yellowy brown green as opposed to the classic pale green of the old ones when they dried out.

New "Classic Bedale" - with Sylkoil (rough brushed cotton) finish, new tartan and lighter collar

Old shiny Bedale -with old tartan, dark collar and brass poppers

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Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. I already ordered the one from STP.

I was a confused since the online Barbour site does not sell anymore the 'Vintage' one (my second link), although they still have in stock the Classic and Original (reduced price).

STP probably sells older models and they're not very precise in the descriptions and photos.
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