When I first saw the Vincero Watches, the first thing that stood out to me was their classic designs.
This is the first watch that caught my eye: The Kairos Mesh
This handsome men's watch has a silver mesh wristband and a blue watch face.
It's elegant and easy to read!
Vincero Watch Review

Vincero Watch Review: First Impressions
My first impression was that it would be a sophisticated evening watch. Though, I have been wearing it in the daytime quite a bit, and have been getting plenty of compliments!
The price for this impressive watch is only $149!! (Are they kidding? What a great value!!)
Plus, you can add another band when you order your watch. Maybe a nice leather strap.
They state on the Vincero website that their watches are:
Designed to make a bold statement, our goal is to create watches that can match your hustle.
These are not your cookie-cutter minimalist designs. Every collection has a distinct look and quality you can feel.
They offer:
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • 30 Day Returns
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • 100% Safe & Secure Checkout

Small Batch Production
Vincero sources their own materials, and ship directly to your door.
They produce in small batches which gives them an advantage to be meticulous with quality control, more flexible and more responsive to customer feedback.
This approach allows them to focus on each individual watch and make substantial improvements with every new design.
Their factories employ hundreds
of individuals around the world and have been in business for more than 70

Service and Repair

All service and repairs are done in-house
at Vincero in San Diego, California, where there is a full-time team of experts.
I was impressed with the presentation box including a device to help size your band. These watches would make a wonderful gift!
Vincero Watch: Unboxing

I must confess I have three of the watches that start with the letter "R" but the Vincero is easier to read. Plus, with the Quartz movement I don't have to spend time setting the time much less the date when I don't wear those watches.
To learn more about Vincero watches, please visit their website.
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