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From this weekend's Observer.

"For less body-conscious resorts, where style rather than size is important, you might opt for something more modest. And there's nothing safer or more pleasant than the bon chic, bon genre's favourite brand, Vilebrequin. These cotton swim shorts, in striking patterns and colours (along with a handy waterproof wallet that slides into the pocket) are a uniform in St Tropez. Whether you're lunching at the beach club Cinquante Cinq or lounging at nearby Tahiti, all the men will be sporting Vilebrequins.

Whatever shape David Beckham might be in, little did he know what a faux pas he was committing by strolling around St Tropez in an inappropriate pair of Speedos the other week."

The ones is the shop are always quite loud and flowery, but i see from the website they do sell some ones in gingham and prince of wales checks.

But, are they as fast drying as they say? Any experience?

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