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Velour blazer, how to dress with it?

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I posted some pics of the new charcoal colored velour (or velvet) blazer I got for christmas and you guys were nice enough to give me some alteration tips. Now that I have it back, do you guys have any recommendations on how to wear it? Its not really my kind of style, but the gf loves it, so how do I dress with this thing? I was thinking light colored dress shirts (white) with an open collar, darker wash dressier jeans, and black shoes or loafers. I was thinkin' this look would be cool for a decent restaurant or lounge. what do you guys think? Are there any looks that really make a velvet blazer look nice?
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You are not far off the mark but forget the jeans and go with some black wool pleated pants with cuffs in conjunction with black loafers. I would stick with the White shirt, maybe even wear it open at the neck (no tie) and with a button down collar. I don't think the jacket sounds particularly formal but don't go with jeans, its too informal. As for an ascot ... I really don't see it!

If you go with a button down collar oxford in white that would serve to provide the informal bit of the look. If every other thing goes informal the coat gets abandoned as the sole piece of slightly formal kit.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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