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Any fans? Nylon cordura for rotproof resistance to constantly being wet, secure Velcro closures to prevent anything from suddenly flying open, and high-vis, easy-to-spot colors. A cousin to the G10 watch strap, in that all its features are mostly pointless away from water. :)

I especially get a kick out of the nautical flag ones, like the Diver Down, although as far as I can tell those are all made overseas now.

Which American manufacturers are still around? Rainbow of California still seems to be American-made, although it looks like they've traded in lifeguard red for blaze orange.

Any others?

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There was a time I purchased a couple of OD nylon, Velcro closed wallets at one of the Bases we were at (I think it was Wright Patterson on one of our visits to the Air Force Museum), as novelty gifts for the Grandsons. I think the younger one still has his(?) . :icon_scratch:
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