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There is no VAT, as such in the US . . .

The concept of a value-added tax is not one that applies to US retail commerce. Sales taxes are levied by individual states (sometimes in concert with individual cities), and the sales taxes and their exemptions (for example - no sales tax for clothing items under $110 in New York) vary state by state. The tax is levied on top of the retail price.

Now, when ordering via the Internet, especially for delivery to a non-US destination, no sales tax would likely to be levied. (There is currently a move within the US for Internet retailers to charge the sales tax of the state in which the retailer does business, regardless of the taxes, if any, of the US destination.)

Sales taxes in New York City, for clothing items above $110, is currently 4%, though it may revert to the previous level of 8.625 % soon, due to budget gaps at the state level. That would be about the maximum tax levied within the US - a snip in comparision to the 25% VAT equivalent that Scandinavian countries levy, if memory serves me correctly.

As a citizen of an EU nation, you have much more to worry about, tax-wise, from import duties. I know that friends who have ordered things from the US in the UK have been slammed with very high import duties, and I cannot imagine that Sweden is more liberal in this regard.
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