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Vancouver, Canada

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Still getting details, but looks like my wife and I will be starting a Canadian Rockies train trip from Vancouver and will be there May 31, 2020.

Anyone interested in meeting in the afternoon?
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AND might be in Victoria on June 11.
Great! Any suggestions about where to meet?
What time of day were you thinking about? Meal? Format?
Early or mid-afternoon. My wife and I have a dinner to go to that evening. Maybe just drinks? Any fun bars at the Douglas Hotel?
David has some good ideas.
Hi Andy and welcome Ken. I would be a definite yes and could help arrange something. Perhaps a meet up at a store then drinks or dinner. Andy Trott's might be an option.

I would also be able to go to Victoria in June if that works better. Out of Ireland is worth a visit.

What about some golf? I was in your hood last week. Played Escena, Shadow Ridge and Desert Springs. Let me know.

THANKS. "Andy Trotts" sounds like fun! :)
I don't usually play golf when I'm on vacation. Next time you're here and have time we should do something. Hope you had lunch at Escena.
If we don't have enough Members to interest Andy Trotts, we might consider The Douglas, Autograph Collection Hotel, Vancouver in the D/6 bar.

I'll check with Andy Trotts.

THANKS. Yes! Open to all suggestions!
Andy Trott's is out. Got a very terse response from my e-mail:
From: Andy Trott [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 8:25 AM
To: 'Andy Gilchrist' <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Interested in an AskAndy Event at your store?​
We are not interested.
From: Andy Gilchrist [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: February 25, 2020 6:49 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Interested in an AskAndy Event at your store?
Importance: High​
Andy: (Great name!)​
I hope you are familiar with my website and Forums. Occasionally when my wife and I travel, we'll try to meet with gentlemen from my site.​
I'm in Vancouver on May 31 and June 1. I've just announced this and have 3 who would like to meet so far. We've often done these get togethers in bars/restaurants and men's shops. One of the AskAndy Members mentioned your store.​
Just wanted to see if you were interested. Might involve serving some wine (white for spilling is best J). But if we don't have more than 3, I don't think it would be worth your while. We'll see.​
Here are some recent AskAndy Events in London, Portland, OR (John Helmer's) and Hong Kong.​
Andy Gilchrist​
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He is a very nice man. I can reach out if you like.

THANKS, but I think they made it very clear. The D/6 bar is still looking good!
UPDATE: The trip is cancelled I'm sorry to report! With the US and Canadian border closing and iffy airline schedules we'll just have to try for another time!
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