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Just to give a brief summary - sent 2 pairs of RL shell cordovan shoes to AE last month. I asked in a letter to put on vibram mini lug soles, but only if they could save the original sole. If the sole was to be removed kindly pack my shoes up and send them back to me untouched.

Somehow that got lost in translation and they removed the soles, and in the process somehow made the shoes so small that I cant get my feet in them.

Sent them back, spoke at length with AE customer service yesterday. They are willing to reimburse me the price I had paid for the shoes. Very admirable, but now I must do some investigating on my part. I have already contacted AMEX and RL corporate and they are pulling my purchasing records. I should have proof of purchase in the next few days, and I will then recover the money I had lost when the shoes were destroyed.

I am pleased with the final result, that AE stood behind their mistake and will pay me back. I am less than pleased that I have to dig through my financial records to show how much I paid for them, but its not the end of the world. Considering they could have been obstanant about it, I think I made out ok.

To soothe my feelings of 2 pair of lost shoes, I went to Shoemart in Norwalk last night and bought myself a pair of Alden long wings in color 8 shell cordovan.
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