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I was planning to go to the sales tomorrow, ended up going today and Austin Reed (Regent Street) was my first stop and to be honest, should have gone home after that. They had some new stock too, which was not on sale. They only have a limited range for both brands but enough to get something you like (brogues, oxfords, buckles and loafers).

I picked up the Wirral model for £171 - originally £320, down to £175 (45% off) but saved almost another £4 because of the 15% VAT rate. The pricing was strange, as some of the other brogues were £220.

The new Church's collection was nice and I did consider getting a pair at full price but did not.

The Church's sale starts tomorrow with some shoes up to 40-50% off, they will probably have the sale options but with more range.
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