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I'm getting married and have a bunch of groomsmen. They're just going to wear their own tuxes (all but one already own one), but we need to get matching ties and whatnot.

My fiancee likes straight ties much better than bowties (and she's the boss!), so I'm almost certainly going to wear a white straight tie and vest combo with my tux.

We were thinking we'd probably put the groomsmen in similar tie/vest combos, probably in silver, but maybe in a color to match the bridesmaid dresses (which are lavender).

Other relevant info: The wedding is scheduled for an August Sunday afternoon indoors, and only the groomsmen and fathers will be in tuxes (the invitation doesn't call for it).

A few questions:

1) When it comes to tux vests, what are the pros/cons between the full-back and backless styles? I assume full-back are hotter, but wonder if the backless ones are considered tacky or if there are other considerations I haven't thought of.

2) The groomsmen have different style tux jackets. Some are one-button, some are three-button. Should this affect the choice?

3) Is there any reason to choose bowties/cummerbunds instead of straight-ties/vests--given that my fiancee likes the look of the latter better?

4) If we wear straight-ties/vests, do we need tux shirts? Or will regular french cuff shirts suffice?

Thanks for enlightening this fashion idiot.
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