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I took advantage of a half-off sale at Tucker Blair and bought myself a small Christmas present since none of the females in my life seem to have the ability or inclination to needlepoint a belt for me (despite broad hints for several years).

Right after I placed my order I realized they were going to UPS my belt to my P.O. box which doesn't work. Before I could type an email about the need for an address change, I got a 'phone call from the company and had a very pleasant conversation to correct the problem.

Within a week I had my belt in hand, well wrapped, along with a neatly prepared invoice showing what had been charged to my credit card. There was also a note enclosed (handwritten) thanking me for my order and a business card which was actually four pull-apart collar stays with the company's web address on each. Cleverly odd.

With great service and a reasonable price, I'll be back.

(And I'm neither Tucker or Blair)
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