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Trousers with Linen Jacket

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I made the plunge in buying a blue linen jacket. But I have to admit after reading on this form and others, I am really confused about what trousers to wear with it. I assumed linen but have seen multiple comments saying no unless it’s a suit. I would appreciate any advice.
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I'm still wrapping my head around weaves. So this jacket and trouser would not work. But I could wear the jacket with the trousers you mentioned (I even have a wool hopsack trouser). I'm not sure it's relaxed enough for chinos. It doesn't have patch pockets but I think those are swelled edges?

Then I could wear a wool hopsack jacket with the trousers. I think I got it! Much appreciated.
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With that jacket I'd wear stone or khaki poplins if I had a pair. That color was a popular look in 1966, and a few classmates wore jackets of that color with white ducks. I wore it with creamy yellow poplin. It is sort of a tonal and textural riff on the blazer and khakis uniform.
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Tropical wool is great, and it can wear very cool. I've worn it plenty in New York City's brutal summers. However, it can sometimes look too formal with linen because it's not so different from standard suit trousers. Wool hopsack can be a good alternative that looks a little less dressy.
I cannot recall seeing wool hopsack trousers. Got a source?
I bought a pair from Dapper Classics two years ago. Looks like they only have size 38 left.

Nice lightweight pair for summer. I'm not sure how they'll hold up since the pandemic kept me from the office. Maybe I'll get some wear this summer.
Nice looking trousers.
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