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Trousers with Linen Jacket

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I made the plunge in buying a blue linen jacket. But I have to admit after reading on this form and others, I am really confused about what trousers to wear with it. I assumed linen but have seen multiple comments saying no unless it’s a suit. I would appreciate any advice.
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You can wear linen trousers with it if the texture is different. The key is to avoid wearing trousers of the same texture, so it should be something like a linen herringbone or twill jacket with plain-weave linen trousers. You could also wear a cotton/linen blend, a cotton/silk blend, tropical wool, cotton gabardine, wool gabardine (if the weather is cool enough). If the cut is more relaxed, you can pair it with chinos.
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I think top quality tropical wool underappreciated for its qualities. A lighter grey would compliment these nicely, and harmonize well with pretty much anything else.

Matt's advice as to texture is spot on, but can be a bit dicey as two broad a difference in texture, if combined with a more vivid color could also be problematic. Very much an issue of eye, IMHO.
Tropical wool is great, and it can wear very cool. I've worn it plenty in New York City's brutal summers. However, it can sometimes look too formal with linen because it's not so different from standard suit trousers. Wool hopsack can be a good alternative that looks a little less dressy.
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