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Trousers very tight at the top of the thigh - what can be done?

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I had a pair of flat fronted trousers altered recently but they're still very tight at the top of the thigh. Apart from that they fit very well (when standing :)), but I think they'll be crumpled like an old concertina after a day at the office. I'm no tailor, and I don't think the guy who did the alterations is a very good one, but what kind of alterations might be possible in this instance?
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Sometimes flat front trousers just don't work. My lower body is larger than average from years of playing hockey and I just can't wear flat fronts, as much as I like the look. I have to wear a single pleated trouser.
Depends on the cut though, but I feel ya, hockey thighs suck! SO does the stench from the gloves that never seems to leave your hands, no matter how much you scrub. Once I started working after college, I actually had to go buy 7 pairs, so that I could rotate them and keep my hands from stenching! But thats for another thread.

I just won a tweed suit on ebay that I took to me tailor to open up the seat and waist, and he also showed me about three inches of fabric that can open the thigh and crotch...he said thats VERY rare, but we were both pleased that these trousers had it!
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