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"She glanced down to see the soft wool of his trousers stretched tightly over his muscular thighs. His overcoat had separated when he sat down." Late Night Commute, Lois Bonde, 2003

Another Bonde girl?

Well, if this is any indication, you don't want to go too "relaxed." However, the "relaxed fit" option or a "big and tall" section might provide something you can work with.

Denims can be had "relaxed fit" in a stretch fabric that might be comfortable and not have to be obtained in too large a waist size. Taking in jeans waists is a big, and potentially expensive, chore.

There's always "made to measure" if you need something really nice, like a suit or tux. There is a limit to getting "off the rack" to fit one dimension and then having to make extensive alteration. Pocket placement begins to be a problem at some point.
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