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Trip to Europe

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I have not posted in quite some time…mostly due to a sporting clays addiction and work that has not slowed since Covid. I do however still watch some threads.

My wife and I are planning our first trip to Europe in late April/early May with stops in Paris, Caanes, and Barcelona. I am fortunate enough to have relatives in the perfume business in Grasse so they will host us in Caanes.

I never have nor will buy into the “ casual” trends of recent years so most days I would be wearing chinos, a button down, and casual blazer (or some type of weatherproof coat depending on the weather).

I do however need to pinpoint no more than 2 pairs of comfortable shoes to rotate. I am about to order a pair of shoebank AE Chelsea boots…if they don’t work I will try Meermin. I would waterproof these for potential wet weather.

Anyone have suggestions on non-sneaker casual shoes that are good for being on your feet all day?

Also suggestions on a stylish backpack rather than prototypical North Face hiking back for day excursions.

Thanks and glad to see the forum still plugging along.

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I’d suggest a derby with a Danite sole.
I have a pair of C&J pebble grain Chukkas that are my go to shoes for Europe.
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