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Trip to Europe

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I have not posted in quite some time…mostly due to a sporting clays addiction and work that has not slowed since Covid. I do however still watch some threads.

My wife and I are planning our first trip to Europe in late April/early May with stops in Paris, Caanes, and Barcelona. I am fortunate enough to have relatives in the perfume business in Grasse so they will host us in Caanes.

I never have nor will buy into the “ casual” trends of recent years so most days I would be wearing chinos, a button down, and casual blazer (or some type of weatherproof coat depending on the weather).

I do however need to pinpoint no more than 2 pairs of comfortable shoes to rotate. I am about to order a pair of shoebank AE Chelsea boots…if they don’t work I will try Meermin. I would waterproof these for potential wet weather.

Anyone have suggestions on non-sneaker casual shoes that are good for being on your feet all day?

Also suggestions on a stylish backpack rather than prototypical North Face hiking back for day excursions.

Thanks and glad to see the forum still plugging along.

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I am looking into having a tailor see an additional pocket sewn in the trouser with Velcro for that specific purpose.

The backpack is mostly as a personal item plus one carry on…I am trying not to check a back because I will be lugging my wife’s checked bag.

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An alternative to Gokey's would be Russell Moccasins who also make a clay shooter's model. Every pair I have ever bought from them has felt broken in from the first moment. Expensive? Well, yeah. They're custom fitted, very durable and just the ticket for walking around all day no matter what surface you're on.
I just read on their website that the new price for any custom will START at $1,500. I wish I would have ordered more a few years ago, they have my foot measurements. I have a boot but it’s too heavy

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I saw that, too. Ouch! I have a good number of Russell's and was hoping to get another pair but it's looking like I may have to switch my custom to Redwing or Gokey's. Their cobblers must have taken one hellova hit from COVID if the wait time had gotten to 15 months. Phew!
I suspect they don’t have the volume to offset cost increases, and probably were making little money on the customs before Covid.

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