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I know this thread is about stars, not characters, but since it died anyway, I'm going to jump in and get something off my chest.

Tom Ripley is NOT trad. The whole point of the character is that he is trying to enter a world that he doesn't comprehend. Remember the swimming suit scene: his suit stands out like--well, like a lime green swimming suit. His nemesis Freddie Miles comments on his clothes, "who brings a corduroy jacket to Italy?", practically sniffs when he sees the now-rich Ripley's too-fancy slippers, and denounces his apartment as "bourgeois." His spotless flat contains a new piano and Greek statues, while the guys with money have books and jazz albums scattered around, accompanying a portrait or two. Ripley's accommodation is so far from a trad one that Freddie immediately knows something is wrong.

Ripley is new money trying to live the life of the old money. Because it doesn't work, for various reasons, he winds up killing the old money (reversing The Great Gatsby?), including the only person who really cares about him.
You should read the books. You're correct, so far as the Talented Mr Ripley goes, but in the later Ripley books he does assume what one might call a Trad style.
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