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My dear Harris noted a while back, that the strain of Yankee frugality -- of hand-me-downs, of having clothing repaired endlessly, patched, taken in or out (as the case may be). I've noted this myself. I've had a pair of weejuns resoled several times. Same with Bean mocs. (And they're due for another repair probably in a year or two). I've had collars turned on BD collared shirts. I've had other shirts patched, jackets mended, trousers rewoven.

Sometimes for sentimental value, sometimes because I've reckoned that they "just don't make em like they used too...", etc., sometimes because I think the suit was so well tailored that I somehow convince myself that spending a decent wad of dough will actually be cheaper in the long run than going out and buying something new and having to deal with a shop whose salesman I no longer know, or the lack of prospects concerning the old trad shops of yore...

The practice is also a (not so switch) kick in the pants of consumerism, or so I tell myself.

What about you guys?
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