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I am currently in law school and have gotten a summer internship with the federal government in Washington, D.C. this summer. It has always been my dream work for the government (I know, I know...) and live in D.C. so I didn't mind the fact that the job is unpaid. That's right, I will be living on solely on my own dime this summer.

Thanks guys,

This is a little off the topic but may be useful.
You need to begin thinking about your ROI. Not just in terms of your education but also your bottom line.

A whole summer spent working for free is...
If this intership is vital to your education is it possible to work someplace else and actually make money? Or maybe even start a small business that can generate income while the gov't gets your services free?

If you generate more income you can buy some of the finer things you see here.
For example, start a car detailing side business for before or after hours of free work.
Tell the employees that get paid that your starting a side business to help finance your education while you work there for free.
I'm sure you could get enough paid employees willing to let you detail their cars for a small fee.
10 cars in 1 month at $30 buys 2 pairs of new discontinued Allen Edmonds.
10 cars at $50=$500
20 cars at $50 =$1000
In one summer you can get your education and get paid.
You'll have more than enough money to finance your wardrobe.

Just a thought.
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