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other related areas of focus on this board. It's not just a matter of style.

1. back in the day, the only resources comparable to this board were face-to-face conversations with one's family, friends, peers and the guys who worked in the local clothing store. Nowadays, this board may be more accessible and relevant than the face-to-face conversations noted above.

2. for me, it's not just a question of "trad" vs. non-trad (or whatever we want to call it). It's mainly a sensitivity to the great loss of quality and workmanship that pervades most of what is available for sale these days, in any market but very especially with respect to clothes. I tend to prefer and treasure the well-made, in whatever area of life we're talking about. In many cases this leads me towards the past, rather than the contemporary. for example, a new car may be marvelous, it may perform better than those of the past, but I'm likely to see it as somewhat devoid of character. I realize this is a highly personal and subjective matter, whether we're talking about clothes, saddles, rifles or automobiles.

3. for those who don't care about tracking down three-button sacks, I say congratulations. It will make your life much easier to be able to go down to any men's store or men's department in one of the big chains and pick up whatever they're selling. I don't even necessarily find that such clothes are always ugly. I just don't care for them.
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