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I was lurking at Style Forum and chuckled at an anti-trad rant in which someone characterized J Press clothing as (paraphrasing, the guy was funnier) suitable only for those "never to have sex again" and "the most sexless and unerotic" clothes in the world.

Well, okay. I shudder at the thought of a man tricking himself out in "sexy and erotic" duds, but, different strokes.

Then I read a poster here, self-described as a Press man, wondering what to wear on a trip to Las Vegas.

These posts brought up a nagging question that arises on the very rare occasions I am in a Vegas-like setting, club, etc.

What the hell should I wear?

I've worn my standard trad kit, usually, and felt pretty out of it.

What does a trad fellow wear when stepping out with the young, hip, and sexy in the writhing fleshpots of the big bad city?

Inital thought: Navy suit, hot pink oxford, lime green tie, bold pocket square. Still a bit stuffy?

Other thoughts? Usually I prefer to stay in with a good book and a steaming mug of Earl Gray, but sometimes, you can't escape the siren song of Lady Sin.
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