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As a Michigan fan who has had to live my football fantasies through Brady for a couple years now (and would have had to this year, too, all I can do is sigh.)

Even if he is permanently damaged, he has had a career that he can be proud of and that few can match.

Cruiser, perhaps you should seek employment (part time to allow for your other part time work, of course) as Mr. Manning's personal chef. Of course, you will need to check with us as AAAC before you sign any contracts relating to your uniform.

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During WWII, neither Pittsburgh or Philadelphia had enough bodies to field a team. They merged, and played out the duration as the "Steegles".

Patriots might consider merging with the Bengals, and calling the team something like the Bengiots (naw, the name needs work).

Belichick's hubris may finally have gotten the better of him. He declined to look at Simms on Rattay. He has three quarterbacks that have a total of zero NFL starts between them. (In his own condescending style, he pointed out that the quarterback was only one position.)

OTOH, Cassel, who last started in highschool, may be the next Brady. You will remember that Brady was about a fourth draft pick, and started only when Bledsoe went down.

It should be fascinating to watch. Jets are a lot stronger (great idea to get rid of Brett, Green Bay), Colts may struggle, and Bills look strong.

Stuff like this is what makes the NFL fascinating to many of us.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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