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To black tie or not to black tie

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Recently I had a midnight blue dj made to measure. I was planning to wear it New Years Eve but then I thought why not to Christmas Eve and/ or Christmas dinner? Allways looking for a chance to wear it.

Both will be a family event where the other men will be in button down shirts at most. Since my family should know that by wearing a tuxedo I'm not trying to be show anyone up, and my daily attire includes at least a sportcoat(so I"m dresseir anyway), should I wear my dj?

If not I would probably wear a sportcoat and a tie.
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A variation on your post to another Group so the same reply is apposite.

No - do not overdress - that would merely make you the centre of (adverse) attention which is surely not your objective.

Follow the pack in the circumstances your describe.
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