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Good Evening.

For years, I've always had difficulty matching a tie
to my Seersucker Suit. The color is off-white on white.

I generally give up, and, just do without. Could anyone
recomend a tie to match my suit.

If you need a picture, I'll gladly oblige. However,
keep in mind, I'm not a Photographer :D

Also. How essential is the tie material, when matching
a Seersucker Suit?

I've always assumed cotton would be my best bet (Not
Silk) However, I'm uncertain. Not to mention, you rarely
see 25 year olds wearing Seersucker Suits, so my friends
are no help.

And while we're on Seersucker suits, what is the shirt
collar recomended on Seersucker suits?

Thank you.

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Not open for further replies.