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Tie Challenge, can some please tie...

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Hoping someone will take this challenge.

Can some please tie a four in hand knot in as many different types of silk ties.
ie... 3 fold, 4 fold, 5, 6, 7 and 6-7 unlined too and post them. This would really be educational to see the same knot but with the different thickness of ties to see knot size and dimple depth.

Maybe a spread collar to give the full effect.

thanks, Crispiano
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One of the duties of a modern military bootcamp D.I. is teaching recruits how to tie a four in hand!
One would think a symmetrical Windsor would be used, but no, it's the FIH.
The ties are standard issue, yet I remember the amazing subtle variations in knot detail when we switched over from the older crackerjack uniform.
You could tell some recruit's D.I. by their knots.
Thats the military. You're asking for examples with a myriad of variables; silk type ( a grenadine will lock a knot differentlyfrom a satin) lining material, individual point of knot on the tie.
If you are specifying a spread collar, you must be looking for a more filling FIH.
Common sense should indicate more material will provide a more robust knot.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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