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Here is a nice bit of trade gothic that I picked up from Edwin DeBoise of Steed having to do with the question of buttons on the sleeves of jackets.

To enable a suit or jacket to be passed on to one's children whose arms might be a different length than one's own, the tailor's approach is to fix the sleeve with three real, opening button holes, leaving the top one closed or a "sham". If the sleeve length ever needs lengthening, the stitching on the top button can be pulled out and a new button added at the bottom. If the sleeve needs to be shortened, ...well it won't work out quite as well, but we're scoring points for thinking ahead.

So to update Tom Wolf's classic ode to buttons on sleeves that work, the true gentlemen has three real and one sham. Its a detail, a private distinction for you to enjoy. It allows those in the 3+1 crowd to look at those in the 4 working button crowd as untutored children.

Does any one know of similar tales of maker's gothic?

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