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Thoughts on Lyocell or Modal Linings as alternative to Cupro?

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So there are plenty of threads here on cupro(bemberg) being better as a lining in terms of viscose aecetate, but I came across a paper comparing them.

What do you think?
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An issue with which I'm not only unfamiliar, but which I've never even considered.

A quick reference to the chart in the attached PDF file suggests Lyocell as the clear winner if based solely on wearing properties. But another characteristic presented is ecological impact, where it seems Cupro has an advantage.

However In my quick scan of the PDF I did not notice a few other characteristics and issues I would consider relevant. They are:

1. Price
2. Availability
3. Whether the study was controlled for differing qualities of each type. I.e., is there a range of quality within each type, and are types of equivalent quality being compared?

Studies can be a tricky thing. A good consultant can build you a study to prove the moon is made of green cheese if that's the outcome you want (And you pay enough! :D) by jiggling what is being compared and manipulating other variables.
I couldn't get past So. My time here is limited I try to invest it on subjects that do not require vast amounts of reading on subjects that don't amount to a hill of beans.

You on the other hand have the patience of Job and wisdom of Solomon. :)
Thank you! 👍

Though I fear it is more like the patience of Saul and wisdom of Esau. ;)
Too modest. I'll stand by my original observation.

Off topic, has the storm reached you?
Hopefully little effect.
^^^ A few cracks of lightening with the follow up thunder, heavy breezes.
Right now moderate to heavy rain.

Fortunately I don't suffer the aches brought on by weather.
Stay well.
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I am unfazed by the weather. My wrecked knee and the meatball surgery provided gratis at Bethesda in 1967 ensure that my knee hurts all the time, not just on rainy days!

Back to the original question, I always go for limoncello!

I note the OP is from Seattle. My parents lived across the lake. The summers there were pretty idyllic.
My wife had prosthetic knee surgery a few months ago, recovering nicely, better than surgeon expected. waiting a few more months to have the other knee done. Bone on bone a lot of pain before surgery.

several years ago she had shoulder surgery and recovered to the point she is never reminded of it.

Back to Limoncello, wife likes it on the rocks;)
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