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Louche -- You're right, I should have run a search under "topys" but didn't know the name of those thingamabobbers. "Taps" didn't turn up much.

This morning I dropped off my 2 pair of pennies to have the shoe guy put on those rubber stick-on sole thingies (whether the brand is "Topys" I have no idea).

And you're right -- there's much discussion of the matter in this forum. The Cons say Topys stop up the breathability of leather soles, dismantling the universe. Might as well wear flops then.

But living and walking in this concrete jungle, I really can't see keeping these shoes alive very long any other way.
Congrats on going with some Topy's for your shoes. You'll be glad you did. I always get Vibram's and taps on all my leather soled shoes. Vibrams because I live in an area where it rains or is wet ~300 days a year and taps because I wear my outside heel down in no time.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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