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I recently placed an order for the Thorogood American Heritage Boot (Style 814-4550) from ($118). This was to augment my work boot collection to allow for a good rotation through the wet PNW winter.

Thorogood boots are manufactured in the USA . This is 2nd Thorogood boot that I have purchased - my earlier boot (6" non-safety hiker, style 814-4960) has served me extremely well so far. As usual, the boot arrived from Jgearusa, double boxed by UPS in less than a week.

The American Heritage boot has a full-grain leather upper with Goodear Welt construction. Here are some pictures below:

I wore it for the first time today and my initial impressions are very positive. The boot runs true to size and is very comfortable. There is perhaps slightly less arch support than I would like but that could probably be fixed with an insert. The build quality is superb as the photos indicate. I think it is a solid purchase for the very reasonable price of $118. The only nit is the "Made in USA" tag on the side of the boot - I am really pleased that it is US-made but I wish they had put the tag under the tongue or somewhere a bit less conspicuous. Maybe I'll take an X-Acto knife to it if it continues to bother me.
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