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And a follow up....
I emailed customer support and a short 2 weeks later, I got an apology and a promise that the correct product was being shipped out. That package arrived today and... you guessed it... it contained the same wrong product as the first shipment.
My hypothesis is that the machine-readable product label says "navy." While any human would notice that this is most certainly NOT navy. And that there is no human oversight of the machines. One would think that after the first mistake (and a 2 week CS delay in response) someone would make darn sure the replacement order was correct. One would be wrong.
That's the point exactly - they are going to have to up every single part of their online game if they want to survive.

Another example - and I'd blame my computer, but it only happens with Brooks and a few others (and not on most retailers' sites) - when I look at a particular item from a sub-category (say men's sport coats) on BB's site and then go back to the sub-category page (swipe or use browser's back button), the page hiccups and usually settles down not in the place I was just at, so I have to scroll to get back there. It's a small but annoying thing that says to me - BB still does't have online right.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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