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Thinking about shoes and collections

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My first year of college was in SoCal. I am from the Midwest. I stayed with my relatives that year. My cousin, who was a senior, had an interesting, to me, shoe collection. It included one pair of Sperry canvas CVO, Sperry two eyelet leather boat shoe and a leather pebble grain shoe in tan. I am not sure if he had a Chuck Taylor basketball shoe in black but he could have. How simple things were back then for him; practical and useful for his climate. Now, as an elder back in the Midwest, I have a shoe collection. I am not sure why I do. Perhaps because I like them and I used to go places and wear them. Humans seem to collect what they like; cameras and lenses, books, linen shirts, blazers, etc. Any thoughts on "overdoing" it by collecting things?
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I have duplicates of a few things and there’s a reason. After many years, it seems I might actually be attending a year end party with living, breathing colleagues again. There’s a very specific tie I plan to wear, and I absolutely do not want to worry for a second about spilling food/drink on it, getting it snagged on something, etc. So I bought two! It’s a fairly inexpensive tie so it’s not wasteful in my opinion to own a backup. It’s the perfect “party tie” if there is such a thing.
That's something good to hear. I do the same too. People think it crazy but I know myself that I'll certainly spill something and ruin it. So I buy a spare thing of the same product.
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