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Thinking about shoes and collections

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My first year of college was in SoCal. I am from the Midwest. I stayed with my relatives that year. My cousin, who was a senior, had an interesting, to me, shoe collection. It included one pair of Sperry canvas CVO, Sperry two eyelet leather boat shoe and a leather pebble grain shoe in tan. I am not sure if he had a Chuck Taylor basketball shoe in black but he could have. How simple things were back then for him; practical and useful for his climate. Now, as an elder back in the Midwest, I have a shoe collection. I am not sure why I do. Perhaps because I like them and I used to go places and wear them. Humans seem to collect what they like; cameras and lenses, books, linen shirts, blazers, etc. Any thoughts on "overdoing" it by collecting things?
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I have read the books and watched the videos about decluttering and having a minimalist wardrobe. Some of it seems silly to me. Wearing the same outfit everyday seems so ridiculous to my way of thinking. Some of the info makes sense like removing what does not fit, removing duplicate items, removing what does not bring joy because my style has changed or that I no longer have occasions that require certain clothing. It seems to me that problem areas occur when those criteria no longer apply. All of the clothing, shoes, hobby items are appropriate to what I can do or currently "wish" to do or "wish"to go. Also, there is a certain emotional attachment and familiarity.
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