Persol Sunglasses are known worldwide for their timeless design, effortless wearability, and durability. With a wide selection of offerings for a range of faces, it's easy for both the average buyer and luxury connoisseur to find one to fit theirs. This article will give you an overview of Persol and present seven viable options for your next purchase.

An Overview of Persol
Persol is a luxury eyewear brand creating unique and fashionable designs wearable by almost anyone. The sunglasses are easily recognizable, as their design hasn't changed dramatically throughout the decades.
Started by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917, the company began by supplying sunglasses for racing drivers and pilots. The wide face coverage and distinctive look offered both function and form, and the glasses caught on throughout Europe.
As speed and flight are often the playthings of the wealthy, they are made popular by actors, celebrities, and other icons of style. A pair of luxury sunglasses is a much more accessible investment than a house, yacht, or a car, more 'average' folk buy the glasses to get a taste of the good life.
In 1995, Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxottica purchased the brand in hopes of expanding their global footprint. But, production of Persol remains in Turin, Italy. Persol ranks in the top ten globally-mentioned brands in sunglass fashion.

Why Are Persol Sunglasses So Popular?
Persol's design ethos bucks the garish trends of today's fashion powerhouses, preferring subtle, sweeping curves to oversized frames and blingy logos.
Stylistically, many models have not changed dramatically since their original iteration.
Music and movie stars, like Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ryan Gosling also wear Persol sunglasses.
But, which sunglasses from Persol's vast collection are best for the average consumer?

1. La Casa de Papel
Persol has always maintained a close relationship with film and television, and the hit Neflix heist drama "La Casa de Papel" is no exception.
La Casa De Papel Persol Sunglasses

For those familar with show, the mastermind of the group's criminal activity, the Professor, has worn these glasses since the first season.
The limited edition "El Profesor Original" & "El Profesor Sergio" sunglasses come in both black and tortoiseshell colorways.

What Make La Casa de Papel Unique?
These limited edition sunglasses feature a sleek frame of 24K gold plated lenses and come in either black or brown with Persol blue lenses or the Persol green lenses.
If you want to the classy and sharp Professor look, but want to stay on the right side of the law, these are the go-to glasses for you.

How much do the La Casa de Papel cost?
The El Profesor Sergio & the El Profesor original will cost you roughly $300 and $200, respectively. The luxe gold-plated version, however, runs around $400.

2. Persol Sunglasses Model 714 "Steve McQueen"
Steve McQueen, the "King of Cool", was an American film star, car and motorcycle enthusiast, and casual style icon. He starred in over two dozen movies, including classics The Thomas Crowne Affair, The Great Escape, and Bullitt. His laid back style of dress usually included chinos, a Harrington jacket, and the Persol 714 sunglasses.
Persol Sunglasses Steve McQueen

The 714's offer full face coverage for the wearer, which is especially useful behind the wheel. At the time of this writing, however, the frames only come in the wider 54mm fit. But, the 714 model can fold inward along the temple arms and nose bridge, making it easy to slip into a breast pocket when moving indoors.

What Makes the Persol Sunglasses Steve McQueen unique?
The "Steve McQueen" version of the 714 includes 10 additional manufacturing steps. The glasses come with Persol's classic arrow and 'Meflecto' flexible temple system, but have unique lenses and Steve's name printed on the inside of the frame.
The 'orginal' SM model come with deep, blue-tinted gradient crystal lenses and a 'light Havana' acetate frame, and are modeled after the glasses McQueen wore in The Thomas Crowne Affair.
There is also a version, though, with 24K gold plated hinges, crystal lenses, and frames in different colour variants.

How Much do the Steve McQueen sunglasses cost?
The Steve McQueen models aren't cheap at full retail. The baseline SM's start at $480, while the 24k-plated models clock in at a whopping $790. Ouch! However, sales and discounts should drop the baselines below $400.

3. The Galleria 900 Sunglasses
The Galleria 900 series of Persol sunglasses comes from the stylish and sophisticated designs of the late 1940s, a tribute to the company's original look.
Persol Sunglasses Galleria 900

The silver arrow on the temple and unique keyhole bridge feature a sleek and vintage look evoking memories of Old Hollywood. The smaller size of the frame offers an aesthetic suitable for a variety of situations.
Some of the sunglasses under this series include the PO314 and PO315 models.

What Makes the Galleria 900 Sunglasses Unique?
The classic design of these frames make them supremely versatile and suitable for a variety of formal and casual affairs.
Their unique design makes them unisex, as well as sleek and elegant.

What's the Cost of the Galleria 900 Sunglasses?
The Galleria 900 comprises different models with similar objectives of taking you back in time.
The cost of each glass may vary, but the PO314's run between $250 and $280, and the P0315 series are priced just above $300.

4. The Persol Sunglasses Typewriter Edition
These vintage-inspired sunglasses tap into the world of typewriting. They are engraved with cylinders and poetic symbols around these revolutionary machines. In contrast, others try to mimic the traditional keys of a typewriter.
  • [IMG alt="Persol Sunglasses Typewriter" data-id="27660" data-full-url="" data-link=""][/IMG]
The typewriter edition sunglasses from Persol come in different colours and models.

What Makes the Typewriter Edition Sunglasses Unique?
Each metal frame of the typewriter edition sunglasses replicates the old school typewriter engraved with different fonts, making you look both classic and modern at the same time.

What's the Cost of the Typewriter Edition?Sunglasses?
This edition of Persol's glasses come in four styles, two optical and two sunglasses. They are priced between $300 and $350.

5. Persol Sunglasses Model 649
These are the original glasses from Persol. Designed with full face coverage in mind and popular with Milanese tram drivers, they are the non-folding brother of the iconic 714 model.
These non-folding sunglasses look similar to the 714's and the Steve McQueen editions but come in thick frames.

What Makes the Persol Sunglasses Model 649 Unique?
The classic Persol 649 sunglasses come in both 52 and 54mm sizes, which fit most head shapes.
Persol 649 Sunglasses

While these don't have the foldable design of the 714, the nose bridge detail and the silver reflective arrow make for unique and distinctive touches.

What's the Cost of the Persol Sunglasses Model 649?
These entry-level sunglasses are the cheapest in this list.
You can get the 649 model for as little as $150. But, during online department store sales, you might be able to score a pair in a unique colorway for even less.

6. Calligrapher Edition Sunglasses
The Italian company has always showed their unique way of portraying craftsmanship through their sunglasses.
The Calligrapher lines offers a range of frame sizes and shapes; a unique take on modern design for those seeking subtlety and fine lines.
Persol Calligrapher

The collection features both rounded and soft square lens, as well as a mix of metal, acetate, and hard plastic.

What Makes the Calligrapher Edition Sunglasses Unique?
Calligrapher series sunglasses consist of calligraphy elements lifted off different objects such as pens with ornamental finishes.

What's the Cost of the Calligrapher Edition sunglasses?
This edition of Persol's sunglasses fall between $300 and $360. While it's certainly much more than the base model, the uniqueness and build quality actually make these a pretty good deal in the end.

7. Metal Capsule Edition sunglasses
As the name suggests, the metal capsule sunglasses are thin, streamlined glasses with metallic frames and rounded temples.
These sunglasses are available in different colour variants. But, a favorite model features deep green lenses and a brushed metallic finish.
  • [IMG alt="Persol Metal Capsule Sunglasses" data-id="27661" data-link=""][/IMG]
The series comprises the P02446S, which are semi-octagonal alongside the P02445S with a rounded shape.

What Makes the Metal Capsule Sunglasses Unique?
Light and thin, the metal capsule line offers comfort and understated style suitable for a variety of sartorial situations. Most interesting, though, are the unusual lens, which feature both rounded and geometric elements.

What's the Cost of the Metal Capsule sunglasses?
The P02445S and the P02446S from the metal capsule edition sell for $345 and $350, respectively.
This, to me, looks like a terrific offer compared to what you'll be getting in return.

How Do You Tell Original Persol Sunglasses from the Fake ones?
Now that you've decided to purchase a pair of Persol sunglasses from this guide, it is important to tell if you are getting the real deal. Persol, like any other luxury product, is easily counterfeited.
Be sure to check and follow the points below before making your purchase and lose your hard-earned cash.
  • Persol sunglasses come in a branded box with fonts matching the logo.
  • A dust cloth for your sunglasses comes with your package.
  • The arrow on the Persol sunglasses frame is well crafted with metal and should be flat.
  • The logo is also printed on the inside of the sunglasses, followed by a 'Hand Made in Italy' writing.
  • The 'Meflecto' system patented by the company is identifiable by two metal strips running from top to bottom of the arms.
  • Lastly, Persol sunglasses come with model numbers detailed inside the left arm of the frame containing three to four digits, followed by a letter.
And, if you're interested in learning more about Persol, be sure to check out our Persol Sunglasses discussion in our online community!