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I recently attended a black-tie wedding. The reception was held at what is arguably the best hotel in a very large city. The guests were largely sophisticated people: doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.

And yet, at least 70% of the men had notch lapels. Several had flap pockets on their dinner jackets. Some wore rubber-soled shoes. Many others just wore black shoes that they happened to own, but that were wholly inappropriate for a black tie affair (e.g., a pair of wing tips) and were not even shined. One unfortunate soul wore white shoes, but I think he at least was trying to be funny. Many wore ties that weren't, well, you know, black. Others donned adventurous cummerbunds or vests.

Almost all of these guests were well educated enough to know how to dress, and wealthy enough to do so.

Everyone at the wedding was pleasant company, and I otherwise enjoyed the evening. But the sartorial crimes were hard to digest. Things just don't have to be this way.
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