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I've been on a bit of a tear this month in the shirt-buying department, mostly as a result of a job change, and it occurs to me that I have accidentally assembled a bit of a "shoot-out" for men's dress shirts. I have ordered/purchased the following since 15 Jan:

* Four H&H dress shirts, averaging forty pounds each;
* Four Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts, at thirty-five to fifty pounds;
* Four Ike Behars, one US-made and three Canadian, at $75-125;
* Three RLPolo, two dress and one casual, at $22-36 (amazon closeout);
* Three Gionfriddos and a MacCluer from my local shop ($89 each);
* Five Zegna eBay auction rats at an average of $25.

My plan is to wear these shirts in my job (UNIX consulting and programming at various clients on the East Coast and in the Midwest) and figure out which ones I like best. It also occurs that I might want to "invite" a few others, and these were my ideas:

* Six bespoke shirts from Richard Bennett here in Columbus (there's a minimum)
* A couple of Budds?
* The Craig Taylors I already have but have not worn too much

Any other suggestions? The "rules" are only that the shirt:

* Cost under $300
* Be obtainable in two months or less
* Must be available in 17.5/36
* If possible, should be made in Europe or the US

Right out of the gate, I like the Gionfriddos. When I went to see a local tailor on other business while wearing one, he immediately requested I remove it and let him examine it for a few minutes. The fabric, pattern matching, and buttons are all fantastic:

A few months from now, I will pick a winner and runner-up (and maybe a runner-runner-up) and send all my business their way. My only criteria for judging them will be how much I like the shirts and how well they wear.

I'll keep everyone posted (cue sound of yawning) but I did want to solicit additional purchase suggestions before I began the, er, torture testing (try spending ten hours in a negatively pressurized room which constantly circulates fine dust, while doing considerably physical activity, while wearing a reasonably heavy sportcoat).
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