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Tonight I accompanied a friend to help him find a blazer with what I thought was a bit of a tricky set of requirements (and a bit confounding by AAAC standards).

He is after a jacket that is:
casual and deconstructed
lining (partial or full) is optional
preferably two button
Cotton or khaki (no linen or silk blends)
preferably patch pockets
trim fit/slightly fashion forward cut so there is a bit of waist suppression
42L size
around $125 - $200 max for a budget

It should be a nice fit with jeans, slip-on or plain style oxfords and maybe an OCBD or collarless pullover.

Casual as possible while still being constructed in the style of a blazer, meaning minimal fashion style cues.

No metallic buttons

It should also have enough range so that it could be worn with dress pants and a collared shirt but sans tie.

It can be in either Khaki or navy as long as the texture of the navy isnt like suiting material (no sheen as well).

We went to two outlet malls and looked in (....ready for this): saks off 5th, BB, polo, nautica, j.crew, barneys, johnson and murphy, Banana republic, kenneth Cole, Tommy hilfiger, eddie baur, levis outlet and old navy.

The closest we found was in J.crew and he may pull the trigger on one but is still a bit undecided. I didn't check lands end online yet.

I even saw some "jackets" sized s/m/l/xl at one place (ooof!)

Any suggestions??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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