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Jeff Tucker at posted this article about the prospects for a better dressed populace due to the bad economy. It has political and social overtones so I'm posting it in the Interchange.

Some excerpts:

A conspicuous cultural change we can look forward to is a dramatic change in men's dress style. Guys, you might as well get ahead of the curve. The free-fall economy means a boon for better fashion for men who intend to survive the onslaught.

The boom times led to the great shabbiness. Workers have lived in wrinkles and jeans. The guy with the shirt with buttons is derided by others: "you going to a wedding or something?" We were all encouraged to look up to the slobwear of hotshot traders and stock jobbers and the others, who revel in the fact that they look like heck all of the time. Even the billionaires have looked like hobos (who themselves looked pretty great in the 1930s).

Right now, with unemployment moving into the double digits, it is becoming a dog-eat-dog world in labor markets. You must stand out. You must find ways to show that you are not expendable, that tossing you out will do more harm to the company than good. You must show that the company will risk losing revenue by sending you away than keeping you.

Clothing reflects this. There is no sense in disadvantaging yourself in this struggle.
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